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Winter EOFY Special 2017 25% Discount BUY 3 GET 4

Buy Three (3) – Get Four (4)!

That’s at least 25% Discount on our regular On-Line pricing!!b

Order and pay for any Mix ‘n Match 3 Chilli jar/bottle, Spice Pack (including the new grinders!) and or Seed pack and receive one (1) free unit of your choice.

Just order and when finished click on checkout. Before you pay you will be able to choose the free product(s) from a drop down box at the top of the page and we will put the freebee(s) automatically in the box for you!!

Why Not? So let's go multiple THREE packs this Winter!!

What if I want to order multiple THREE packs in ONE order; do I get more than one item for free?

YES offcourse!!

BUT Wait!! There’s More! On top of the 25% Discount:

ALL Winter orders for our sauce and spice range (excluding orders with seeds only) will receive another freebee!! We will add an EXTRA Free pack of The Spice Factory Tuscan Seasoning….


  • Valid from Friday 23rd of June up and until Sunday the 2nd of July 2017 Midnight only.
  • Valid while stocks last.
  • Not Valid for Shops or Distributors
  • Not Valid on the 2 Lt / 2 Kg Packs, however see below….**
  • FREE Tuscan seasoning spice pack for Chilli Sauce and Spice pack orders only. (Excluding orders with seeds only)

Be Aware: when ordering seeds only and choosing 1 free item NOT being seed(s) freight will automatically change accordingly.

So enjoy our products and discount and spread the word... Because "Sharing is Caring"

Just to let you know: We are a 100% Australian Grown Chillies, Made and Owned company. Our product is NOT made in CHINA… for a change!!!

Greetings and wishing you a spicy winter from the Spice Team in Morisset,

Marcel, Connie & Alex de Wit


P.s. 1

Some 2 KG / LT Packs are Half price!!!!

To see the special price for the 2 LT packs and buy them please make sure you check out the product you like and click the button below the text:

" Choose From Available Sizes"

 This will show the price of that 2 LT pack.... If it is Available.

 P.s. 2

We don't sell any FRESH or dried Chillies or Chilli Plants!


 However go to your local nursery to stock up on chilli plants / seedlings

And for fresh chillies go to your local fresh fruit market or supermarket….

The Spice Factory website.

The Spice Factory NEW Spice Range

Spice range the spice factory

The spice Factory has 6 flavours at the moment but soon it will extend its range to 12 beautifull spices...


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